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Prologue: Unwritten
Chapter 0
Volume 01
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Prologue: Unwritten is the prologue chapter of the Ao Haru Ride manga.

It was published in Betsuma magazine on January 13, 2011, and is part of the first volume of the manga.


The chapter displays Futaba and Kou's first encounters and their relationship in middle school.The story begins with a young Futaba whom speaks of her dislike of boys, as she sees them to be too rough and violent for her taste. With Kou being the only exception, as she thinks that "He's different somehow" from other boys.  

Later on Futaba is walking home with some girls when they come across a group of boys from their school who are preparing to play cops and robbers. One of the girls who has a crush on a boy in the group insists for everyone to play together. Futaba isn't thrilled by the idea of playing with the boys, since they tend to get rough. While thinking it over, her eyes accidentally meet Kou's. Looking away whilst blushing, she decides to play the game. 

Running off, she looks for a hiding place. However upon finding one, she is surprised to already find Kou there, who is also hiding. She quickly apologizes to him and tries to go find another hiding spot. But Kou stops her, as there are already cops close by that are looking for them. Sitting close, Futaba examines him closely from behind, including his neck and arms, which she finds attractive. Turning around to meet her face, the two stare at each other silently, with Futaba blushing more and more each second. But before Kou can say anything, a classmate yells that he thinks he saw something by their hiding spot. Kou tells Futaba to stay still and hide, while he gets up and makes a run for it, effectively distracting the person who was going to check out their hiding spot. Kou eventually is surrounded and caught. Knowing that he let himself get caught for her sake, Futaba decides to save him (for a robber to leave the prison, they must be tapped by a fellow robber). Kou looks extremely bored in the prison but as soon as he notices Futaba running towards him to save him, his eyes slightly widen in surprise. It is then shown the two sitting in prison quietly, as Futaba was caught while trying to save Kou. They sit in an awkward silence as Futaba has no clue how to talk to boys. She quietly apologizes to Kou and tells him how she had been trying to save him. Kou shyly tells her his thanks and confesses to her that he felt very happy when he saw her running for him. Futaba once again states her thoughts on how he isn't like other guys, while also thinking of him as cute.  

After that, Futaba states how every time they caught each other's gazes, they would look away for a moment before looking back at one another. 

The manga then shows a Futaba who is running from the rain and decides to stop by a shrine for shelter. There she finds Kou, who is also hiding under the shrine for shelter from the rain. They have a short and awkward conversation as Futaba feels nervous close to him. Wanting to start up a conversation with him, Futaba asks him if he plans on going to the summer festival. Kou surprised by the question simply murmurs a 'huh' to Futaba, who looks down in embarrassment over what she said. Suddenly Kou passes her his shirt from gym class, telling her to dry her hair before she gets a cold. Kou then tells her not to worry as he's only used the clothes once, to which Futaba responses with a shriek. Kou seeing this, lets out a genuine laugh and kind smile towards her. Futaba then finds herself staring at him, and admits to herself that she may like him.  

Baoharaido v01 ch00 bikkuri

Futaba's outburst

The next day at school when they see each other, Futaba returns the clothes that Kou lent her the day before. They fall into an awkward silence until Kou asks her if she plans to go to the summer festival with anyone. Futaba tells him no and before she can say anything else he tells her to meet him at 7 by the Sankaku Park. However before Futaba can respond, a classmate and friend of Kou's asks them what they are doing; ruining the moment. After Kou leaves, the classmate begins pestering Futaba about what happened between her and Kou, annoying her more and more. She then explodes in front of the boy and goes off on a rant, which ends in her yelling "I really hate boys!" just as Kou comes out of his class. Futaba initially feels worried over his opinion on her but convinces herself that Kou understands that he is special.  

Baoharaido v01 ch00 bikkuri

Young Futaba admits her feelings

But after the incident, Kou will not look Futaba in the eyes, upsetting her deeply. Finally the summer festival arrives, and Futaba is shown standing in front of the park waiting for Kou anxiously, however he never shows up. Afterwards summer continued on for Futaba without any form of contact with Kou. She waited impatiently for summer to end in hopes of talking to Kou and understanding what he meant when he told her to meet in the park, as she wondered if there was some sort of misunderstanding between them. But when she arrives back to school from summer vacation, she learns that Kou has transferred schools. Futaba later starts crying at how things ended between them, finally acknowledging that she liked him.  



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