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Chapter 49
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Volume 13
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Chapter 49 of the Ao Haru Ride manga series.

Published in Betsuma magazine on February 13, 2015.


Yoshioka Futaba was sleeping at Yuuri's house, then she thought that everything that happened before was just a dream. The time Kou's brother, Tanaka-sensei called her and said that Kou is at the hospital. The time when Futaba saw Kou healthy and how Kou said to Futaba that he will never leave Futaba's side. The time Kou called Futaba by her first name and how Futaba made a chocolate galteau for Kou. Futaba then quickly gave Kou a call but the line did not go through. Later on, Futaba realized that Kou was still there. Their text messages were the proof. Then for some reason something was bothering Futaba. Futaba quickly went to school. Yuuri and Shuuko greeted her. Futaba was relieved to see familiar faces and the class wasn't changed either. Although Kou wasn't there yet, someone else was sitting at Kou's seat. Futaba tried to look at the Seating Arrangement at the teacher's table but there was no sign of Mabuchi Kou. Thinking Kou might had transferred to the advanced class, Yoshioka went there but no sign of Mabuchi Kou was there either. Futaba thought that Kou might have dropped out or gone to Nagasaki...

Then Futaba saw Kou, she cried and embraced Kou. Kou was shocked then began asking Futaba why she was crying. They talked at the courtyard where Futaba explained everything, about how she thought that everything was a dream and that Kou already transferred. Futaba thought Kou left without saying goodbye to her again. Kou said sorry for making Futaba worry. Saying he wouldn't leave her again. Futaba asked where Kou's class was. Kou answered that he's still in Futaba's room. Mabuchi Kou is Tanaka Kou again. Kou thought that he would surprise her but things didn't go as planned. He considered to do it after graduation. But Kou's brother is going far away, he wanted to make sure his father and older brother think that he's already fine. Considering to change his name back. Futaba said that she love all the Kous, and she love the latest version of Kou. Futaba had loved Kou all this time..

Then Futaba together with Kou sends Tanka-sensei to the airport. The group managed to organize a Farewell Party for Tanaka-sensei and Tanaka-sensei said goodbye properly to them. Meanwhile Aya, Shuuko together with Aya's little sister Lisa go sightseeing in the city. Lisa got lost but a guy drew her a map for her to find her way. The guy who gave her a map was Touma Kikuchi.

Futaba and Kou are at the same shrine temple where they sheltered themselves before. The same thing happened again.


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