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Episode 12
Air Date September 22, 2014
Season 1
Episode 12
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Episode 12 of the Ao Haru Ride anime series titled as "PAGE.12." It is the final episode of the first season.


Kou showed his weak side to Futaba for the first time and Futaba found his weak side to be docile and cute. That evening during dinner, Kou joined his brother, Tanaka, and his father to eat together for the first time after his mother's death. He confess that he never hated them, but that he was always confused whether he should enjoy the things that his mother will never experience or not. The next day, at school, Kou surprised his friends when he suggested to do a study group. In the final scene, when they are deciding where to go for the summer vacation, Futaba reminisce about the past as well as looking forward to create more memories with her group of friends. "Youth, a blue spring.. with a stormy wind passing through my heart on which to ride!


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