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Kisyun Tachibana
Tachibana sticking his tounge out
Kanji 立花 喜俊
Romanji Tachibana Kisyun
Age 16-17
Birthday January 16
Sign Capricorn
Gender Male
Height 168 cm (5'6")
Weight 55 kg (121 lbs)
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Year High School Student
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown Younger Sister

Kisyun Tachibana (立花 喜俊 Tachibana Kisyun) is a character from the Ao Haru Ride Manga series. He is friends with Toma Kikuchi and Haruhiko Uchimiya.


Kisyun has flat light-colored hair that almost hits his shoulders.


Based on the few times Kisyun has been shown in the manga, he appears to have a very hyper and silly personality. Despite this, he cares for his friends Touma and Uchimiya's well being, especially when it came to love.


In the manga at chapter 44, he soon realized that though Touma and Futaba were going out, Futaba still had feelings for Kou. After seeing her walk away from Kou, he warned Futaba about her feelings for Kou since he wanted Futaba to only like Touma so he doesn't get heart broken. Later when everyone was out looking at their rankings, people were amazed how Kou was at rank 4. Tanaka happily asked him about being put back to the advanced classes again. Futaba overheard and was surprised realizing that Kou will not be in the same class as her if he does go back. After Kou and Tanaka finished talking, Kou looked at Futaba, who was staring at him for a while, making her blush. Then Touma found Futaba and they talked about how they won't be in the same class again, while Touma was talking he took Futaba's hands and hold them. The bell rung and everyone was leaving Futaba waved bye to Touma and when she turned, Kisyun coldly asked Futaba if she always was such a "bitch". Futaba turned in shock to see his face and Kisyun replied saying: "You were, weren't you?"

Near the end of the manga after Touma had a break up with Futaba, he asked Touma if he was still okay about singing the song that was about Futaba. After Touma said it was fine, Kisyun asked Touma why he chose to pursue a girl that already was in love with another guy, saying that if it was going to give you a scar then it would've been best if he loved Futaba in secret.



  • The name Kisyun means "joy" (喜) (ki) and "talented, handsome" (俊) (syun).
  • Kisyun's surname Tachibana means "standing" (立) (tachi) and "flower, blossom" (花) (hana/bana).