Mother Mabuchi
Anime - Manga

Mother Mabuchi Manga

Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Deceased
Personal Status
Relatives ex-husband
Yoichi Tanaka (son)
Kou Mabuchi (son)
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Anime Debut Episode 11
Japanese Voice Aya Hisakawa

Kou and Yoichi's mother.


She has short brown hair with side bangs, along with brown eyes. She is usually shown smiling.

Personality Edit

She is shown to be a very kind and caring person, especially to her sons.


Kou MabuchiEdit

She is Kou's late mother. It appears that she loves her sons equally, but spends more time with Kou due to Yoichi going away for college. Kou is the only one between her sons that took her last name after her death.