Shuko Murao
Anime - Manga

Shuko smiling

Kanji 村尾 修子
Romanji Murao Shūko
Also known as Shu-chan (by Yuri)
Age 17
Birthday November 20
Sign Scorpio
Gender Female
Height 167 cm (5'6")
Weight 49 kg (108 lbs)
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Year High School Student
Affiliation Student Council
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown Older Sister
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Japanese Voice Mikako Komatsu

Shuko Murao (村尾 修子 Murao Shūko) is much like Yuri, Shuko is another "lone wolf." She is very beautiful but has a cold exterior that drives others away. Due to experiences in middle school, Shuko fails to trust girls. She has been in love with Tanaka-sensei, Kou's older brother, since her first year of high school after attending a guidance session between the two of them. Eventually, her trust in female relationships was restored after becoming friends with Futaba and Yuri.


Shuko is fairly tall and slim, with long straight black hair and a slender grey colored eyes. Overall she's very beautiful. Besides her hair being loose and flowy, she has been seen wearing her hair in a slicked back ponytail or two ponytails either down or right beside her face. Due to her lack of friends and trust she had in people, Shuko usually kept very uninviting facial expressions and an atmosphere that causes people to keep their distance. After gaining Yoshioka and Yuri as friends, she's become more welcoming and lively (since she has opened up, she is able to smile, cry, blush, laugh, and even make funny faces around her trustworthy friends).


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Shuko in middle school
Shuko in middle school.
Shuko Murao Anime Concept
Shuko's anime appearance.


Shuko was always very quiet, because she didn't have any friends and had no trust in girls. She kept to herself and built a "wall" between her and everyone else. After meeting Tanaka-Sensei at a teacher and student meeting, he encouraged her to become more friendly. After talking to him more and learning little things about him, she fell in love with him. Although her feelings for Tanaka-sensei didn't change, her attitude towards others, especially girls, changed after meeting Yoshioka and Yuri. Shuko gives Yuri and Yoshioka a lot of advice about their Kou problems due to the fact that she's the "neutral party," as well as comforts them when they're down. She's still pretty calm but way more talkative and nice around her two new friends, but can get a little irritated when Kou is giving Tanaka-Sensai a hard time.


Due to girls betraying her in middle school, Shuko fails to trust other female girls or anyone in her school again. But, with the help of Tanaka-sensei, Shuko gradually finds herself trusting other girls again like Futaba and Yuri. Shuko also has one older sister.


Yoichi Tanaka

Shuko is in love with Yoichi, but doesn't seems to acknowledge the fact that he's a teacher or an adult. At their first encounter she was able to learn about his "hidden item," his mole on the left eye lid, and felt special that she was the only one he ever shown. Shuko can be pretty sneaky, for instance she wrote "wifey" on a piece of paper she gave back to him and even kissed him once when his eyes were closed. Every time she tries to get close to him, he sort of brushes her off (not necessarily because he doesn't like her, but because he can't, due to the fact of he being a teacher and Shuko being a student). Since Shuko didn't want to be the one to cost Tanaka-sensei his job, she confronted him that she will give up on him (but probably won't stop having feelings towards him). She eventually moves on from Yoichi, to the point that even after hearing Tanaka-sensei won't be a teacher anymore and their relationship could be possible, she accepts Aya's confession instead stating that she has feelings for him and not Yoichi anymore.

Futaba Yoshioka

Shuko was able to get to know Yoshioka, when she surprisingly volunteered to be part of the student council committee. After spending so much time with Yoshioka, they became close friends. Yoshioka (and Yuri), were the first people that were told about her feelings for Tanaka-Sensei (because she trust them the most). Shuko was also concerned about Narumi, because she knew a girl like that was trouble, and she doesn't want Yoshioka to get hurt. In newer chapters, Shuko supports Yoshioka and Toma's relationship, but in the intentions to not ruin their happiness, she hasn't told Yoshioka that Kou actually does like her.

Yuri Makita

Like Yoshioka, Shuko finds Yuri very cute (for instance she even ask Yuri if she can hug her). Yuri was the first to find out (without Shuko telling her), about Tanaka-Sensei and Shuko's relationship. Shuko was worried that Yuri would start talking, but to her shock, she was very grateful that Yuri kept quiet. Shuko tends to comfort and admire Yuri for trying so hard to get with Kou.

Aya Kominato

Shuko finds Aya as more of a person she can't take seriously. She was surprised by his unexpected confession, but after finding out that he was just stating that he liked her (and it wasn't a confession), it seems as if she noticed how he changed from before. It wasn't shown yet if Shuko also shares feelings for Aya, but Shuko said for Aya to show her more of his cool points. On Valentines Day, Shuko recieves chocolates from Aya along with his confession, which she accepts while also giving him chocolate and stating that her feelings for him are mutual.

Kou Mabuchi

Shuko finds Kou a little annoying, she even went to the extent of calling him a "brat" despite the two being part of the same friend group. She hates the fact that Kou is always causing trouble for Tanaka-Sensei. Lately, Shuko has been feeling slightly bad for Kou who has to deal with the fact that Yoshioka was taken from him and is now in a relationship with Toma. Shuko says that Kou is too late, yet her facial expressions tend to show a hint of sadness and sympathy.


Shuko's Charater File
  • According to Ao Haru Ride Character's File, Murao:[1]
    • is good at English, but bad at Cooking.
    • likes eating Avocado sandwiches and Jagabee (her usual snack), but dislikes eel.
    • likes drinking hot chocolate.
    • likes listening to Sakana Cushion.
    • likes the color black.
    • actually likes comedy TV.


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