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Tanaka Yoichi
Kanji 田中 陽一
Romanji Tanaka Yōichi
Age 25
Birthday April 30
Sign Taurus
Gender Male
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Occupation Teacher
Personal Status
Relatives Father
Mother (deceased)
Kou Mabuchi (younger brother)
Japanese Voice Daisuke Hirakawa

Yoichi Tanaka (田中 陽一 Tanaka Yōichi) is Kou Mabuchi's older brother by eight years. He works as an English teacher at Futaba's high school. Futaba Yoshioka was initially interested in Yoichi upon entering high school because he reminded her of Kou, but was unaware that the two were brothers. Yoichi knows about Shuuko's crush on him but always rebuffs her advances, telling her that he will never see her as anything more than a student. However, he never hesitates to help her in times of need and is happy whenever he sees that she is fitting in. He enjoys a playful 'rivalry' with Aya Kominato over Shuko Murao. He often gives Futaba advice whenever she feels unsure about herself or about Kou.


Tanaka, or commonly called Tanaka-sensei, has short black hair and slender eyes (which resemble Kou's). But, unlike Kou, Yoichi has a very inviting face and resembles the first year middle-schooler Kou. Tanaka has two moles on his face, one under his left eye and one on his right eyelid (which he calls his hidden item). In flash backs of Tanaka in college, it's shown he grew his hair out into a short and shaggy mullet. Tanaka is secretly made fun of by students, because of his weird clothes. He is considered handsome.


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Full-body view of Yoichi.
Yoichi Tanaka Anime Concept
Yoichi's anime appearance.


Tanaka is kind, but can be a bit emotional and childish. He's a responsible teacher and loving brother (yet wishes the love he shows for Kou could be reciprocated). The only times Tanaka becomes more serious is when Kou isn't doing well in school, or when Shuuko is trying her "sneaky" things on him. He also acts sort of sarcastic towards Aya.


Yoichi and Kou's mother and father divorced when Kou was in the middle of his first middle school year. That time, Yoichi just graduated from college and is still starting his job as a teacher so he couldn't visit his sick mother all the time.


Kou Mabuchi[]

Youchi, or Tanaka-sensei, is Kou's older brother and a teacher at his high school. He has sort of a "tough love" relationship with his brother, where he gets very annoyed by him asking too many questions, inviting him to eat dinner together, or just even Tanaka-sensei trying to make conversation with him. Some of this behavior most likely comes from the fact that Kou might resent his brother for not being there when he had to go through a hard time all alone, like their mother being deathly ill. Despite this, he still cares for his brother (like when he had to vouch for him to clear a misunderstanding the principal had between Tanaka-sensei and Futaba's relationship).

Shuko Murao[]

Shuko is in love with Tanaka-Sensei, but doesn't seems to acknowledge the fact that he's a teacher or an adult. At their first encounter she was able to learn about his "hidden item," his mole on the left eye lid, and felt special that she was the only one he ever shown. Shuuko can be pretty sneaky, for instance she wrote "mr. Tanaka’s wife" on a piece of paper she gave back to him and even kissed him once when his eyes were closed. Every time she tries to get close to him, he sort of brushes her off (not necessarily because he doesn't like her, but because he can't, due to the fact of he being a teacher and Shuko being a student). Since Shuko didn't want to be the one to cost Tanaka-Sensei his job, she confronted him that she will give up on him (but probably won't stop having feelings towards him). Yoichi seems to have romantic feelings for Shuko, like when Aya said "Stop if you'll end up hurting her.", Yoichi replies "What if I don't?". Another instance is when Yoichi sees Shuko talking with Kominato, he mutters "Our family's really bad in love, eh?" implying that he and Kou are in not-so-good situation right now with their love interests, and that their parents got divorced.

Aya Kominato[]

Aya is in-love with Shuko and shows his affections for her publicly. Aya is also aware that Shuko is in-love with Yoichi, and is quite aware of Yoichi's romantic feelings for Shuko, because of Yoichi's playful little hints. Yoichi enjoys a playful rivalry with Aya over Shuko. When Shuuko says that she will let go of Yoichi, Yoichi tells Aya that he might be alright if Shuuko ends up with a good guy like him.

Futaba Yoshioka[]

Yoichi has always been familiar with Futaba, due to his brother, Mabuchi Kou, having a crush on Futaba in middle-school. Though they don't have many interactions throughout the manga/anime, it is shown that Yoichi trusts Futaba, because he gives her his house keys to deliver some groceries.


Yoichi's Character File
  • According to Ao Haru Ride Character's File, Yochi:[1]
    • is good at English, but bad at Art.
    • likes eating curry and Kari Kari Ume (his usual snack), which is desribed as 'crunchy apricots.'
    • likes drinking coke.
    • likes listening to Janis Joplin.
    • likes the color green emerald.
    • can't wink.


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