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Yui Narumi
Yui talking to Kou
Kanji 成海 唯
Romanji Narumi Yui
Age 16-17
Birthday August 7
Sign Leo
Gender Female
Height 157 cm (5'2")
Weight 46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Year High School Student
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 19
Anime Debut Episode 11 (flashback)

Yui Narumi (成海 唯 Narumi Yui) is a classmate of Kou Tanaka from junior high whose father was in the same hospital as Kou's mother.


Yui is a fairly short girl with short dark-colored hair that she sometimes puts one side behind her ear, big rounded eyes and she has a very cute and innocent appearance, despite her personality.


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Yui in middle school
Narumi in middle school.
Yui in her school uniform
Narumi screaming.


In middle school, Yui appeared do be a very kind person who is considers how nice and understanding she was to Kou Tanaka. She acts very hopeless around Kou, in order to get his sympathy so he would stay by her side. She feels as if Kou is all she has, so she acts selfish to the sense of keeping him to herself. 

Narumi can be very conniving, for instance, she was trying to convince Futaba Yoshioka not to worry about the accidental kiss during the school festival, because Kou and her in fact also kissed (this was her attempt on trying to break Futaba away from Kou). She tried to fool Futaba with her fake personality, but later reveals her true self and lashes out when Futaba came to confront her about Kou.


Kou Mabuchi

Yui met Kou when she was in middle school, she was really nice to him and helped him in small ways. After her father's death and leaving her mother, she became closer with him. She tries to manipulate him into staying with her by making him feel bad, she tends to think that he is the only person she has and in fact is in love with him. In the past, she told him that she liked him, but then told him that she doesn't anymore. Although she is still in love with him, she won't tell him again due to believing that he'll leave her. Narumi knows her love for Kou is unrequited, but she's fine as long as he's besides her (even if it's out of pity). It is shown at one point that she becomes scared of his phone call, believing the talk he wants to have with her is bad news, and that he will end things with her. Desperately trying to avoid having to lose Kou, she purposely meets up with him on the same day and at the same place of Toma Kikuchi and Futaba Yoshioka's date. She even goes as far to bring to Kou's attention the fact that Futaba and Toma are hugging. It can be assumed that this tactic is for Narumi to distract Kou from having the talk and ending things with her. After Toma runs away with Futaba, Narumi believes she's won. In other words, she assures herself that now Futaba is completely out of Kou's reach and that he can stay with her forever. As a result, Kou catches onto Narumi's plan and breaks all ties with her. It is later found that Narumi is once again ignoring Kou's calls. After having a final meeting with Kou, she officially lets him go, despite her unchanged feelings of love towards him.

Futaba Yoshioka

Yui dislikes Futaba. After Futaba and Kou Tanaka's accidental kiss, she tells her that she should forget about the kiss, and that Kou and Yui also shared a kiss. Since she could see that Kou was also concerned by his and Futaba's kiss, she wanted to create distance between them. When Futaba decided to confront Narumi about whether she liked Kou or not, Narumi expressed herself in a rude manner and showed her actual self. Her response was that she does like him and that she is aware of him only being with her out of sympathy, but she doesn't care (it only matters that he is by her side).


  • The name Yui means "solely, only" (唯).
  • Yui's surname Narumi means "become" (成) (naru) and "sea, ocean" (海) (mi).