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Kanji 由美
Age 17
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation 2nd Year High School Student
First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 0
Anime Debut Episode 7
Japanese Voice Yui Makino

Yumi is a girl from Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Mabuchi's middle school.[1] She was Futaba's best friend in middle school and Futaba describes her as an "important existence" during her middle school days. But suddenly, she stopped talking to Futaba and left her all alone because she thought that Futaba liked Naito, a guy she liked in middle school.


Yumi has a short light-colored hair with light-colored eyes from middle school. When shown again, Yumi is in high school and appears to have grown out her hair up to her shoulders.



It is stated that Yumi holds romantic feelings Naito during middle school. Yumi's misinterpretation of Yoshioka and Naito's relationship, caused her to isolate Yoshioka. It was never mentioned if there was something that went on between Yumi and Naito. Although, Yumi seems to be friendly and close enough to Naito when they were in middle school.

Futaba YoshiokaEdit

Yumi was Futaba's only friend from middle school. Futaba considers her as an "important existence" into her middle school days. But one day, Yumi stopped talking to Futaba leaving Futaba all alone by herself and wondering why Yumi stopped talking to her. But one day, during their second year of high school, Yumi meets Futaba again and finally talks properly to her. Yumi thought that Futaba liked Naito, the guy she liked from what she heard rumors from other girls and states that is the reason why she stopped talking to her. Yumi apologized to Futaba and the two seemed to be in good terms now.


  • She can be seen in first episode of Anime, but her introduce was in Episode 7.


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